Disney readies a slew of toys for the already record breaking upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie

Disney has a huge movie hit on its hands and its already ready for it. The company prepares a lot of new toys and stuffed animals for Beauty and the Beast. The movie will debut in March 2017. It’s a … Continued

Build-a-Bear unveils new Beauty and the Beast stuffed animals

Build-a-Bear expands its line of stuffed animals with new additions from Disney. They are the new Beauty and the Beast special teddy bears. Beauty and the Beast will be one of Disney’s big movies this year. The company will release … Continued

8-year-old girl makes a difference with stuffed animals

An 8-year-old girl is making a difference for other young kids. She gathers and donates stuffed animals to abused and neglected children, to help them out. Mariska Robinson is from Lauren Run. She has two favorite stuffed animals which she plays … Continued

10-year-old boy collects hundreds of stuffed animals for the police

If you want to see a great example of a big heart, often you can look at young kids. A 10-year-old boy in Parker, CO is this great example. Daniel Velasquez is collecting hundreds of stuffed animals which he then … Continued

2016 was one of the best years for the toy industry ever

2016 was one of the best years for the toy industry ever. According to new data from NPD, the US toy market alone rose by 5% to a total of $20.4 billion. What does this mean for the regular folk? … Continued

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