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The Teddy Bear Posse collects another 10 000 stuffed animals

Yet another branch of the Teddy Bear Posse in the US reached an impressive milestone. The Posse in Wisconsin collected 10 000 stuffed animals for charity. The Wausau Center Mall was the main place for the event. People there brought … Continued

The Pokemon Company unveiled new Pikachu stuffed animals dressed as Mario

The Pokemon Company unveiled new stuffed animals which bring together some of the most popular video game characters ever – Pikachu, Mario and Luigi. The new plush animals are available in Japan. They come along with several other collectible items. … Continued

The Teddy Bear Posse gathers 5000 stuffed animals for charity

The Teddy Bear Posse is a charity initiative which continues to gather popularity. It has now gathered 5000 stuffed animals for charity in Michigan. The Teddy Bear Posse in Kalamazoo, Michigan announced it has a whopping 500 stuffed animals to … Continued

Two girls donate hundreds of stuffed animals to kids in need

Usually adults take the time to donate to children. But two young girls give an example to everyone by donating hundreds of stuffed animals to other kids. Sophia Schroeder and Alyxs Carman are attending the Otsego Elementary School. They created … Continued

Build-A-Bear adds customizable plush Trolls to its line

Build-A-Bear continues to expand its line. The company introduced new plush Trolls. And of course, you can customize them as you wish with outfits. The new stuffed animals mark the release of DreamWorks’ movie Trolls. With it the popular characters … Continued

Teddy Bear Lady collects stuffed animals for fire victims

52-year old Mary Ann Enos from Castle City Mobile Home Park in Newcastle, US is known as the Teddy Bear Lady. She collects stuffed animals for fire victims. Mary Ann had a friend who collected stuffed animals for young victims of … Continued

The RPA in Mansfield will hold a special Teddy Bear Concert

The Renaissance Performing Arts will hold a special interactive Teddy Bear Concert next week. It will explore “The Science of Sound” along with stuffies. The concert will be at the RPA in Mansfield, OH. Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is the main partner. Of … Continued

Winnie-the-Pooh turns 90 years old today

The world’s favorite teddy bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, turns 90 years old today! October 14th is the day when the first book about Pooh was published. The first book about Winnie-the-Pooh was in the bookstores on 14 October 1926. Over the years … Continued

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